Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heaven can be here

 Just a few beads and ribbon.......what a wall!

 Just Nan tin's and more goodies, yes they have a website....and email...check it out.
 So many pins....look at that box!!! 
 More frames....I scored that Boo needle packet.
 Just a few oldies, yes, the turtle winder is there.
 More charts.....about 4 boxes full!!
 Just a few samples....they have no more space!!
 More samples.
 I loved the fabric room, and the Priceless stitched piece.  Forgot to ask about that chart.
 More eye candy.
Let's say it was well worth the four hour drive each way, for two hours of intense shopping!!!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Just little bit of Just Nan on Sale!

I couldn't list all the charts they have, but you can call them.  Bob is very nice!!  Tell him I sent you!
His email is needlesandniceties@verizon.net   they ship overseas!
Happy Stitching, Kathy

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This is my Stash...

It's nearly the end of the month, and I need to show what I have done with my stash....It has been fun resisting all those sales, and good buys on Ebay.  I was lucky to have $5 credit on Ebay, so spent a grand total of $1.60 for the whole month!!  Of course, it isn't quite over yet...so just in case I slip up, I'll send you an update.
From my stash I have stitched the following:

Victoria Sampler's Button Up #1 - Love...it is just adorable, need to finish into pincushion.
Just Jan's Running Rabbits - Finished sewing, just needs stuffing.
Madame La Fee's freebie - Candy Cane...stitched and waiting for trim...I might try making my own.
One is my girl friends....I will finish both of them alike. thinking oval shaped ornaments!

Little House Needleworks' Chocolate Box...stitched, needs one couched thread and beads and 
to finish into a box.

Just Nan's HOP scissor fob- just started, unhappy about fabric choice, one giant mistake.  On WIP list...

Janlynn's Nine Santa Sampler -wanted to do just one Santa.  Started by piecing the 9 page chart, made giant mistake, wrong head...two stitching days later, realized it, and went into the "humble pie" pile.  Restarted, 2% stitched.This is why I don't stitch when I am sick.....bah!!!  I wanted the Santa with the Stars!

 Just Nan's Queen of the Needle Sampler- 2013 WIP 30% stitched ...no photo yet.

Happy Stitching, and I'll be off for the weekend.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

that's what friends do....

I have been helping my friend adjust to being home unable to walk or move much.  Her pain level has finally been smoothed out with the help of a timer. Her surgery on those broken bones went well.  So when her daughter is working, I try to be there for her.  So, I have been doing some stitching. Will get more finished up, and keep you up to date.  I have started two projects, and one was a complete disaster!!!  I thought I had matched two parts of a chart, only to find out they didn't match!!  If I hadn't been ill, I would have figured it out right away.  It was the center Santa from the 9 Santa Sampler kit.  I will just start over since I had so little done on the right part.
Here is one of my little "Just Nan" that I had forgotten about, and never finished.  I found the perfect fabric, and it is now all finished.  I just love those smalls!  The Running Rabbit was started, then I decided to dye the fabric.  Luckily, it turned out well.  My Happy Bluebird was almost finished...I didn't notice that I had forgotten a few stitches.  I found perfect fabric for the backing, so will be making them into little pillows.  I also did a freebie Christmas candy cane from the Primitive Hare.  It turned out great!!  I still have to make it into an ornament.  So here are the photos.

  Button Up by Victoria Sampler
Happy Bluebird minus the charm which I have to sew on....

That's all for today, I hope to get more projects stitched over this weekend!!  Happy stitching! Kathy

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just a little bedrest...

And trust me, I'll take bedrest over broken bones anyday.  My girlfriend fell and broke some leg bones above her ankle, and needed me to take her to the ER....She has to have surgery and meanwhile, I did what I could to help her out.  Then I got sick....those old kidneys acted up again, so back to meds and bedrest.  I feel lucky tho, I'll be well soon, and back to my old self...
Here's a few photos I can share.
Her little scissor's fob by Just Nan...changed the dmc numbers to 550's series...and added lots of gold.

So sorry, I don't have more to share, I have stitched two Christmas pieces but they are not made up.
I'm working from my stash, and have used only my Christmas cash from sister.  Each month I will post what I have spent, not counting taxes or shipping.  I am already worried about my trip to Stitcher's Paradise in Las Vegas.....it is coming up near the end of the month....It has so much!

Happy Stitching, Kathy