Friday, August 1, 2014

Last but not least....

I just had to try the letter H and do some background color.  First I over-dyed some ribbons, and after doing all my stitching, I added some color to the background fabric (prima cotton) to see how it would look.  What do you think?  too much?  I didn't want to show it with the class samples as I don't think we could do any dyeing with our limited class time.  It would be fun to make some samples.

I always love it when my students come in with their finished class pieces.  This one is Kendra's and I love how she did her own thing, and made it totally unique.  It's for her daughter and I am sure she is going to love it.  I know I would.  Her stitching is so tiny and precise!!  Thanks Kendra!!

Happy Stitching, Kathy