Sunday, March 23, 2014

Silver Needle retreat in Oklahoma

 Fun at the Silver Needle, Tulsa, Ok. retreat.  The weather was great until the last day.  I didn't mind the wind, nor the drizzle, but the icy cold moved in on Sunday when we were gearing up to drive back to the Tulsa Airport.  The beds were fine for me and sister.  She came down with a bad cold, but managed to hang in there with a little help from some Dayquil/Nitequil....I managed to get a toothache, but survived with lots of Advil.  The food was really good, especially the Amish home dinner.  It was awesome.  I bought some Cashew Crunch, and it was worth the effort of carrying it.  I knew hubby would love it.
The night I arrived, we just found the car, then the hotel, and crashed.  Wed. was the highlight of visiting the Silver Needle!!!
I took tons of photos, but they could never do the store justice.  It is just filled to the brim with samples, old and new, and tons, yes tons of patterns, charts and supplies.  I made three trips and did very well in staying in my budget.  Now I only have to find a few items I've already lost misplaced in my house.  I did well with the kits I packed to work on until we were given our projects for the retreat.  They were awesome!!!  I must have missed some of the instructions, as I made a few mistakes starting out.  Used the wrong thread,etc. but finally got into the hang of it.  I will post those photos in my new post.  I am still looking for one thread to finish up one project, but more of that later.
I am working on this project with the bunnies, and did most of the work on the airplane and at the airport.  It was very nice to see it all finished and framed.   As you can see there are so many samples, you can hardly take it all in at once.  Dottie found what she wanted right away.  She was going to try to stitch on linen for the first time.  I hope it goes well for her.  Here she is with our new friend Kim in the pink sweater.

 We met up with a very nice nurse from Washington state named Sonda.  She needed a ride to the state park where the retreat was held, and we gladly invited her along.  She was so helpful, and refereed kept Dottie and I sane when things got rough.  Sisters do have their stress points, if you know what I mean.
We sat with two other ladies that were new to the retreat, so called our table the Newbie table.  I wish we would have had more time to get to know more of the other ladies there.  I would take a break and walk around the look at what everyone was doing the first day.  That was before we had our project, so everyone was working on their own.  I was in awe of many of the ladies' items.     Dottie found a lovely chart of an apple tree and had just started it.  I started my little Easter from Lizzie*Kate.  It went very fast and easy  .Sonda even had an original chart ofthe Tardis from Dr. Who, as her sons are big fans.  Here she is working away on her box.  I should have gotten a photo of her Tardis finished.  Pat is seen next to her in the pink top.  Pat and Kim use to work together and live in the Tulsa area.
Happy stitching, and I'll post more tomorrow.  Glad to be back home, and well again!

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