Friday, August 1, 2014

Last but not least....

I just had to try the letter H and do some background color.  First I over-dyed some ribbons, and after doing all my stitching, I added some color to the background fabric (prima cotton) to see how it would look.  What do you think?  too much?  I didn't want to show it with the class samples as I don't think we could do any dyeing with our limited class time.  It would be fun to make some samples.

I always love it when my students come in with their finished class pieces.  This one is Kendra's and I love how she did her own thing, and made it totally unique.  It's for her daughter and I am sure she is going to love it.  I know I would.  Her stitching is so tiny and precise!!  Thanks Kendra!!

Happy Stitching, Kathy

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wool in July???

Yes, what were we thinking???  After Kerry and I  finished our brain-storming, we came up with some good  great ideas for projects using Silk Ribbon and wool.  First of all, she found this darling Victorian fan Needlebook.  She has lots of vintage trims in the store (We, of the Needle) so I  picked a few items to incorporate.  I love how it came out.  Blue Wool with ribbons and a little gold trim.  Pink flannel inside (not shown).  Should be a really fun class.
 Next, came the Envelope Pincushion.  This used
a piece of handkerchief, brown / black wool, ribbon, and tatting.  I later changed the ribbon flowers.  You can see that they are just pinned on.  The making of the envelope was challenging, but the rest was easy as pie.  This will be another fun class, as any vintage piece can be added.
This next piece was the most fun and creative, as it only had two types of stitches, a star to make the eyelet, and  french knots.  The texture all came from the fibers used. They are silk ribbon, over-dyed pearl cotton floss, over-dyed silk thread, wool yarn, fancy yarn and beads.  It is made on a large count material, so easy to pull the eyelets.  This little beauty is only 3" square and makes a fun pincushion.  Called "Pulled Ribbon Pincushion", we will have various small frames for your selection prior to class.  This photo doesn't do the piece justice.
That's all for today, hope you are enjoying the summertime and stitching your heart away!  Kathy

Monday, July 28, 2014

Follow that dream

 Another heavy photo you can see I have been doing mostly Silk Ribbon Embroidery...I revised my blue and yellow "D"...I'm showing the first version, and then the revised one.  I love the embroidery stitching for the base of the initial.  It certainly flows nicer, and I love doing the stem stitch in brown.
The next one, J, is for a very special person in my life. Julie H. is a true friend.  Even tho our paths don't cross as much as I would like, I wanted to do this for her.  She picked out the colors which really helps.  They are fun and bright, fitting her to a T...well, to a J...ha ha.  I wanted her to see it first, before showing it off on my blog, but that didn't work out.  Hopefully, I will be able to give it to her soon!!!!

 Now, I just picked out some random initials that I thought would be fun to embroider, and this is what I came up with for the letter "R"......using some overdyed ribbon really makes the colors pop!  How do you like them?
 After seeing all my new initials, my friend Mary had to get busy with her daughter's "A"...we had fun picking out these "woodsy" overdyed ribbons to use.  She did a fantastic job on all the stitching.  Abby loves it!

 Now I went a little overboard on the purple/bluish "M"....I combined two over-dyed threads, and lots of Glorianna silk ribbon.... that's the joy of doing models.  Nothing is off limits.

Now you might wonder what in the world is this darling little puppy doing here...This is little Clementine, a toy mix, that recently came to live with my friend Kelli...she is just totally adorable!!!  I can hardly stay away from her....I think she is much cuter than Mr. Winkle (google him if you dare).  So I have suggested she start dressing her in cute clothes and snapping her photo.  I think she could be famous!!

I could keep on going about little Clementine, but I will save more for future posts.  My little chis' are very jealous of her, and DeeDee tried to bite her tail....So more post to come on class samples and new projects.  I did manage to get some buttons on my "Rabbit Alphabet" but that is about it.
Happy stitching, Kathy

Friday, June 27, 2014

Stitch in the name of Love

Do you ever find yourself dragging on a stitching piece simply because it's not what you want to be doing at the moment?  It may be something you've promised to do for a loved one, and it's not your colors or style?
I always think to myself, this will be easy, not keeping it is no problem.  So what happens?  It sits in the box waiting for my attention.  I may have made a mistake, changed a color, or just had to alter the pattern.  Then it stalls...sitting patiently.  It doesn't help when the loved one seems to have lost interest in it also.  So what do you do?  I desperately need some advice.
On to the photos...I have two special best friends that have birthdays back to back.  So I had to make them some extra special birthday cards.  The first one is for my dear friend Marjorie...I used Graphic 45 paper so it was a snap to make.  I have to be careful not to make one like last years.  She loved it!!!
 This one was extra special as I wanted to use my never before used "Stitching" stamps.  However, I loved this paper and tried to incorporate it all in one.  My friend Mary loves red, and roses, so this paper was a must.  So I stamped the inside part.  Just perfect for a fellow stitcher!!!

Here is my "Hare" sampler that I started back in March.  It seems impossible that it has been that long.  I worked on it flying to Tulsa and had no problems at all.  However, coming home with a sore throat knocked me back off track.  I finally got the large rabbit fixed last week, and then did the Q and R.  They are off a little, then I had to measure to make sure I had enough fabric for the rest of it.  Luckily, after counting twice, I figured I do.  It comes with white buttons to sew on, but I don't know if I want to use them.  They are rather plain and I have access to much nicer ones.  What would you do?  The name is "The Rabbit Alphabet" by JBW Designs.  Here is the original.
Above is the alphabet dogs and cats that I am stuck on.  It didn't matter that she mixed up the dogs and cats, nor that she wanted different colors and beads.   What do I do to get back to it???
Hope you are having a happy stitching day!  Kathy

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

See what all you can do!

These cuties are the little ones that my friend Mary stitched while recuperating.  I promised to help her finish them.  I didn't realize how many she had I only have one left of hers to do and about five of mine.  Here they are in no particular order.  Some are parts of charts, so if you need more info, let me know, ok?

Happy stitching, Kathy

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another Just Nan project all finished!!

It is a little late for Valentine's, but I had to show off my latest finish as I slightly altered this design.  Now I need to find just the right charm for the open part of the heart, and perhaps something else.  Anyway, I am glad to have this out of the to-do box.  Here is a close up of some of the detail work.

 My next french knot project is four pumpkin buttons.  I will make them with pin backs so I can wear them with whatever I like.  They will be a tiny 3/4" wide when finished.  Just too adorable for words.
More tomorrow, this gal is bushed.......
Happy stitching, Kathy

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fun time in the Summer....

I'm happy to say that my injured back is nearly healed and I managed to finish up a few pieces.  I couldn't really stitch much on pain medication, but managed to fill my time sorting some ribbons.  I have also been doing some cleaning and sorting out items of my stamping stash.  Putting a few things on Ebay was also on my list, and last night did two listings.  So I have made much progress in the past two weeks.  Azzy's trip was delayed so I will miss seeing her this Sunday.  Now to the finished pieces.
My Patriotic Santa had to be my favorite piece of all.
Back fabric.

 My exchange fob which I finally found a charm I liked for the middle, a gold sparkle fabric for backing.

I finally finished my french Knotted rug with overdyed silk threads. It was so enjoyable I couldn't stop until I was finished.  I plan to have it framed with an oval mat.

 Close up of threads.
Now I finished my friend Mary's silk ribbon initial but I don't want to show it until she has seen it.   Next I am going to work on some old baby shoes that I purchased last year.  I have two pair and a lefty single.  Since I received my new stash of ribbon, I have plenty to work with for a long while.
Happy stitching, Kathy