Friday, June 27, 2014

Stitch in the name of Love

Do you ever find yourself dragging on a stitching piece simply because it's not what you want to be doing at the moment?  It may be something you've promised to do for a loved one, and it's not your colors or style?
I always think to myself, this will be easy, not keeping it is no problem.  So what happens?  It sits in the box waiting for my attention.  I may have made a mistake, changed a color, or just had to alter the pattern.  Then it stalls...sitting patiently.  It doesn't help when the loved one seems to have lost interest in it also.  So what do you do?  I desperately need some advice.
On to the photos...I have two special best friends that have birthdays back to back.  So I had to make them some extra special birthday cards.  The first one is for my dear friend Marjorie...I used Graphic 45 paper so it was a snap to make.  I have to be careful not to make one like last years.  She loved it!!!
 This one was extra special as I wanted to use my never before used "Stitching" stamps.  However, I loved this paper and tried to incorporate it all in one.  My friend Mary loves red, and roses, so this paper was a must.  So I stamped the inside part.  Just perfect for a fellow stitcher!!!

Here is my "Hare" sampler that I started back in March.  It seems impossible that it has been that long.  I worked on it flying to Tulsa and had no problems at all.  However, coming home with a sore throat knocked me back off track.  I finally got the large rabbit fixed last week, and then did the Q and R.  They are off a little, then I had to measure to make sure I had enough fabric for the rest of it.  Luckily, after counting twice, I figured I do.  It comes with white buttons to sew on, but I don't know if I want to use them.  They are rather plain and I have access to much nicer ones.  What would you do?  The name is "The Rabbit Alphabet" by JBW Designs.  Here is the original.
Above is the alphabet dogs and cats that I am stuck on.  It didn't matter that she mixed up the dogs and cats, nor that she wanted different colors and beads.   What do I do to get back to it???
Hope you are having a happy stitching day!  Kathy


  1. Keep going on the rabbit sampler, you're almost there. I think you should use your own buttons to make it unique. You might get more excited about finishing once you find the perfect buttons to go with it.

  2. The two cards you made are really gorgeous. And I love the Rabbit Alphabet very much. You used a very nice red for it. I think I'd take the buttons I like best no matter where they come from.

  3. Absolutely lovely! I would use buttons that I like, not the ones that came in the kit.