Monday, July 28, 2014

Follow that dream

 Another heavy photo you can see I have been doing mostly Silk Ribbon Embroidery...I revised my blue and yellow "D"...I'm showing the first version, and then the revised one.  I love the embroidery stitching for the base of the initial.  It certainly flows nicer, and I love doing the stem stitch in brown.
The next one, J, is for a very special person in my life. Julie H. is a true friend.  Even tho our paths don't cross as much as I would like, I wanted to do this for her.  She picked out the colors which really helps.  They are fun and bright, fitting her to a T...well, to a J...ha ha.  I wanted her to see it first, before showing it off on my blog, but that didn't work out.  Hopefully, I will be able to give it to her soon!!!!

 Now, I just picked out some random initials that I thought would be fun to embroider, and this is what I came up with for the letter "R"......using some overdyed ribbon really makes the colors pop!  How do you like them?
 After seeing all my new initials, my friend Mary had to get busy with her daughter's "A"...we had fun picking out these "woodsy" overdyed ribbons to use.  She did a fantastic job on all the stitching.  Abby loves it!

 Now I went a little overboard on the purple/bluish "M"....I combined two over-dyed threads, and lots of Glorianna silk ribbon.... that's the joy of doing models.  Nothing is off limits.

Now you might wonder what in the world is this darling little puppy doing here...This is little Clementine, a toy mix, that recently came to live with my friend Kelli...she is just totally adorable!!!  I can hardly stay away from her....I think she is much cuter than Mr. Winkle (google him if you dare).  So I have suggested she start dressing her in cute clothes and snapping her photo.  I think she could be famous!!

I could keep on going about little Clementine, but I will save more for future posts.  My little chis' are very jealous of her, and DeeDee tried to bite her tail....So more post to come on class samples and new projects.  I did manage to get some buttons on my "Rabbit Alphabet" but that is about it.
Happy stitching, Kathy

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  1. ... and your letters are a dream indeed. Such beautiful finishes!