Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wool in July???

Yes, what were we thinking???  After Kerry and I  finished our brain-storming, we came up with some good  great ideas for projects using Silk Ribbon and wool.  First of all, she found this darling Victorian fan Needlebook.  She has lots of vintage trims in the store (We, of the Needle) so I  picked a few items to incorporate.  I love how it came out.  Blue Wool with ribbons and a little gold trim.  Pink flannel inside (not shown).  Should be a really fun class.
 Next, came the Envelope Pincushion.  This used
a piece of handkerchief, brown / black wool, ribbon, and tatting.  I later changed the ribbon flowers.  You can see that they are just pinned on.  The making of the envelope was challenging, but the rest was easy as pie.  This will be another fun class, as any vintage piece can be added.
This next piece was the most fun and creative, as it only had two types of stitches, a star to make the eyelet, and  french knots.  The texture all came from the fibers used. They are silk ribbon, over-dyed pearl cotton floss, over-dyed silk thread, wool yarn, fancy yarn and beads.  It is made on a large count material, so easy to pull the eyelets.  This little beauty is only 3" square and makes a fun pincushion.  Called "Pulled Ribbon Pincushion", we will have various small frames for your selection prior to class.  This photo doesn't do the piece justice.
That's all for today, hope you are enjoying the summertime and stitching your heart away!  Kathy

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