Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fun time in the Summer....

I'm happy to say that my injured back is nearly healed and I managed to finish up a few pieces.  I couldn't really stitch much on pain medication, but managed to fill my time sorting some ribbons.  I have also been doing some cleaning and sorting out items of my stamping stash.  Putting a few things on Ebay was also on my list, and last night did two listings.  So I have made much progress in the past two weeks.  Azzy's trip was delayed so I will miss seeing her this Sunday.  Now to the finished pieces.
My Patriotic Santa had to be my favorite piece of all.
Back fabric.

 My exchange fob which I finally found a charm I liked for the middle, a gold sparkle fabric for backing.

I finally finished my french Knotted rug with overdyed silk threads. It was so enjoyable I couldn't stop until I was finished.  I plan to have it framed with an oval mat.

 Close up of threads.
Now I finished my friend Mary's silk ribbon initial but I don't want to show it until she has seen it.   Next I am going to work on some old baby shoes that I purchased last year.  I have two pair and a lefty single.  Since I received my new stash of ribbon, I have plenty to work with for a long while.
Happy stitching, Kathy


  1. Oh my word!! What beautiful stitching and finishing. I love your little santa, he is adorable!

    1. He was worth every stitch!!! Thank you so much!

  2. Your little Santa is looking really great, and wow what a wonderful JN finish. You found the perfect charm for the center. It's sometimes not easy to find something suitable, particularly when you can't go to a LNS and try something out.
    Very beautiful, your knotted rug. It must have been a lot of work.

    1. I was very lucky to find the perfect charm. Thanks for the compliment on my knotted rug. It was so much fun as it went faster than you would think.

  3. Oh, your rug is amazing!! And I love the little Santa and JN piece, too. You sure have been busy--glad your back is feeling better :)