Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This is my Stash...

It's nearly the end of the month, and I need to show what I have done with my stash....It has been fun resisting all those sales, and good buys on Ebay.  I was lucky to have $5 credit on Ebay, so spent a grand total of $1.60 for the whole month!!  Of course, it isn't quite over just in case I slip up, I'll send you an update.
From my stash I have stitched the following:

Victoria Sampler's Button Up #1 - is just adorable, need to finish into pincushion.
Just Jan's Running Rabbits - Finished sewing, just needs stuffing.
Madame La Fee's freebie - Candy Cane...stitched and waiting for trim...I might try making my own.
One is my girl friends....I will finish both of them alike. thinking oval shaped ornaments!

Little House Needleworks' Chocolate Box...stitched, needs one couched thread and beads and 
to finish into a box.

Just Nan's HOP scissor fob- just started, unhappy about fabric choice, one giant mistake.  On WIP list...

Janlynn's Nine Santa Sampler -wanted to do just one Santa.  Started by piecing the 9 page chart, made giant mistake, wrong head...two stitching days later, realized it, and went into the "humble pie" pile.  Restarted, 2% stitched.This is why I don't stitch when I am sick.....bah!!!  I wanted the Santa with the Stars!

 Just Nan's Queen of the Needle Sampler- 2013 WIP 30% stitched photo yet.

Happy Stitching, and I'll be off for the weekend.


  1. It wouldn't be hard if there weren't these sales, lol.
    You have been stitching on some great designs. I particularly love the Santa. Sorry to hear that you were having such a lot of trouble with them.

  2. You have so many beautiful projects on the go! :)

  3. There are some lovely projects need to spend (she says, ducking!)

  4. Beautiful stitching selection. I love the needle minder by just nan.

  5. What beautiful selection!!
    Happy Stitching