Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heaven can be here

 Just a few beads and ribbon.......what a wall!

 Just Nan tin's and more goodies, yes they have a website....and email...check it out.
 So many pins....look at that box!!! 
 More frames....I scored that Boo needle packet.
 Just a few oldies, yes, the turtle winder is there.
 More charts.....about 4 boxes full!!
 Just a few samples....they have no more space!!
 More samples.
 I loved the fabric room, and the Priceless stitched piece.  Forgot to ask about that chart.
 More eye candy.
Let's say it was well worth the four hour drive each way, for two hours of intense shopping!!!!


  1. Oh, what a great store this must be. We haven't got anything like this here. I'm sure I'd burn my CC there, lol.

  2. I once took a $90 cab ride (round trip) from the strip to that store. Well worth it!