Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another project finished!!!!

Back in Jan. I attended the "Road to California" Quilt show and bought the lap hoop set made by Morgan Quality Products.  I just love it and found it is perfect for doing my embroidery with french knots.  I bought a pattern called The Pumpkin Hill, and cannot find the designers name.  I have problems with my computer, so have not been using it as much.  The pattern was originally for wool hooking and this is what it looked like finished.  I did my thing
with french knots and loved how it came out.  Used my own colors and had a great time.  It only took me two months which is a record at my house.

My update on the Needlework show last Sat. hosted by the Seaside Stitchers.  There were over 300 entries and many many beautiful items to enjoy.  We could get up close and see every detail.  It was just wonderful and such a beautiful day near the beach.  Wish we could have taken photographs but understand the rules.  We were amazed to see the Silk Ribbon workmanship done by a lady that is now 101 years young.  I just wish we could have met her and chatted awhile.  The "boutique" was set up like a garage sale, most items being gently used or recycled.  It was fun to go thru all the boxes looking at charts, kits, floss, hoops, frames, you name it, it might have been there.  We scored lots of great buys, most being around 25 and 10 cents!!!!  Yes, it was fun....Well worth the drive there, and entry fee.
Happy Stitching, Kathy


  1. What an adorable finish, Kathy!! How nice to get all those wonderful stitching goodies at such great prices :)

  2. OH, what a beautiful finish this is. I have never done this kind of needlework- it looks gorgeous.
    It seems that you were having a lot of fun at the needlework show.