Friday, April 25, 2014

April Happiness

April is always filled with fun and joy as we celebrate three birthdays in the family.  I was thrilled to also have Azzy here for her spring break.  We had a wonderful time and even baked her mother a birthday cake.  I had picked up a box mix that had food coloring in it.  Azzy really liked mixing all the colors and the mix was extra tasty.  I even managed to  finish my Stitching Retreat projects, complete a few others including Just Nan, and Lizzie*Kate.  One day I decided to empty my old worn out pincushion, and found quite a few needles inside.  I also sold my hubby's 1996 Van, and shopped for a new car.  I stitched many projects from my stash, and only spent $24.00...Here are all the photos...
 I love how the frame sets off the tiny gold stitches in the eggs.
 My nearly finished Garden Maze with more purple used than the original pinks.  Love love it.
 Mary's version of Garden Maze according to the chart by Just Nan....Love it also.
 My tiny rose wreath in progress on 40 ct.  My new glasses are so great to use with this.  I'll find the designers name as I am using a colored copy for my pattern.  The original chart is quite small for my poor eyes.
 This is Just Nan's Tiny Garden Square from 2002....I changed the edging from ecru as it just didn't show up.
 This is another Just Nan (something with Violets?) that was a birthday gift from Mary.  Love love it.

 My finished projects from the retreat in Tulsa....I loved how each one of them turned out just right.  I loved doing the little fob extra small.  It has two sides.
 Mary fell in love with"Random Stitches" by Erika Michaels and did it on larger count with two over dyed threads.  She bought two other patterns, but will do them both on larger count.  I think it is just wonderful!

I'll write more tomorrow, and let you know how the Needlework show went.  It will be my first to attend.
Should be exciting, and then more vehicle hunting....Just deciding on what color has me stumped!!!
Happy Stitching, Kathy


  1. Great projects.
    I like your Just Nan with the purple change, it's very pretty.

  2. You had a very busy April and still managed so much beautiful stitching! I really like the piece with the sailing ship and the flag :)

  3. Wonderful finishes, and lovely stitching! It's so neat to see the two versions of Garden Maze, and Tiny Garden Square is so cute :)