Thursday, November 14, 2013

oldies but goodies, more miniature work

These are close ups of some of my favorite miniature purchases.  I will give credits to those that I know.
Unfortunately this has no maker or name on the back..:(

 By Caren Garfen- London, England 1993
Sadly, part of the name has been lost, dated 4/96 by Laura
This is by Gail Reynolds, them all!!


  1. Love the miniatures!! I enjoy stitching over one and have a couple of kits that are on gauze; have not stitched yet. But I had better get going before my eyesight does. Hehehe. They are of Monticello and Mt. Vernon.

  2. I couldn't do a thing without my special magnifying glasses. Someday I am going to get new ones!!!