Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What do you think about buttons???

At first, I loved them, went gaga over them, had to have them....even tried making some from FIMO..
Now, I'm on the fence.  Still love charms, painted or not....what do you think?  Beads are alright, I am not overly into them like some.  There are some patterns that are magnificent with them.  I think a few are nice, but can take or leave the buttons. 
Here is my Halloween Night Sampler by Shepherd's Bush, that used buttons.  The pattern came with buttons.  I only replaced one pumpkin button from the original selection.  I like it better.  I also splurged and bought hand dyed thread, most being Weeks Dye.  They were awesome to sew with, and I loved them.  However, being the cheap thrifty person I am, I will dye my own.  It really is fun and easy, and I certainly have enough ink to do it!!!  I used Lugana fabric to stitch on, and it's so easy since it doesn't wrinkle much.
You can click on the photo to see it larger.  (I hope) It is about 4" x 13".

  I had purchased this old frame at a swap meet, and when I saw this Vintage Witch silhouette, I knew it would be just perfect for it.  It went together very fast.  Designed by Laura Rimola of The Little Stitcher, website:
Then I found this freebee from the Prairie Schooler dated was so much fun to do!  I added little orange pompom trim around it. It is the size of a playing card. I have over ten more patterns of just Halloween that I have on my Must Do list.

Now I must tell you about my last trip to Las Vegas...I checked out to see if they had any good Cross Stitch stores...oh my, do they???  It is called Stitcher's Paradise, and I agree!!!  On a scale of one to ten, ten being best, this one is a 12!!!!!  Full of great patterns, old and new, more samples than I have ever seen anywhere, and boxes, yes, boxes of goodies!!  Do email them, if you need anything!  I had a blast, and my darling granddaughter wanted some thread.  Yes, she loves anything with rainbows, and they had such gorgeous threads.  I let her get one...I know, I'm so she picked an overdyed multi-colored rainbow pearl cotton...she couldn't wait to touch it.  We immediately started on a scrap of Aida cloth when we got to her house.  She wanted to learn how to cross stitch, and stayed with it for nearly an hour.  Not bad for seven years old!!  She was so engrossed, we forgot her Girl Scout meeting.  So I told her I would finish the pumpkin after she did the eyes, nose and grin!  I really need to finish it up, and get it to her in the mail. She didn't mind that it wouldn't be finished by Halloween, but Thanksgiving?  I think not!!!  Happy stitching!

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  1. Great stitches!! How fun that your granddaughter is showing an interest!