Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Do your Christmas ornaments multiply by themselves???

Years ago when I was first married, my husband and I very little in the way of Christmas ornaments.  As the children came along, I would visit the Hallmark store, and they would select a few they liked.  That started a family tradition. These little red boxes have grown and multiplied.  When my Granddaughter arrived, I gladly passed many of those ornaments to my daughter.
However, I can't seem to reduce the amount of ornaments I have.   However, here are some that are real treasures.
This was handmade by my dear friend Marilyn, who is retired to Georgia.  She was a cross stitch fanatic!
My last conversation with her was all about her new love, wool hooking  and Halloween.  I must get her email, so I can get in touch again.
 Oh why didn't she sign or date these...My memory is so bad.
 This is the sweetest Victorian street scene done by my friend Priscilla W. in 1997.  I love and cherish it.
 These are two of the sweetest ornaments that my friend Sylvia made for me.  So simple and elegant!  I rarely get to see her even tho she lives a short distance away.  She is one busy lady.

This is a sweet quilt that my dearest friend Louise did for me.  She passed away years ago, and I still miss her.
So do you have any treasures tucked away in your Christmas ornament box?   More to come, Kathy


  1. What a sweet post ~ great seeing your treasures!

  2. You have some wonderful treasures here, full of memories.