Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rudolf the red nose reindeer.....

Oh why can't I get that song out of my head.  It couldn't be that the darling grand daughter wanted to sing it all the time when she was here???  We had a blast, and I even got some floss wound on cardboard....Lucky me.  Oh yes, and I finished Dottie's little Christmas gift, a darling teacup with flowers.  Now it's all ready to pack off and send to her.  Let's see, we need a family photo, some fancy tape she liked, the other cross stitch, and where did I put that extra floss she wanted....ok, so it's almost ready..I also had to make her a handmade Christmas card.  Everything is ready except editing the family photo.  We had a blast taking them at home.
Here are a few more of my handmade treasures from various friends thru the years.  I am just now getting them on the tree.  No one had time to help me hang them so I better get with it.

It's late, so I'll post more tomorrow.  Thanks for checking out my blog, Kathy

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  1. Darling reindeer and sweet ornaments! We have those same homemade soldier ornaments from when I was little!