Friday, December 20, 2013

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree....

 This is my little tree on the kitchen table....lots of other stuff that doesn't belong there, but I'm still stitching and sewing!!!!  Did get the last package off in the mail today, even when the Postal system was down and they would only take cash or checks, and I had to make a return trip home to get stamps I already purchased.  Naturally, after getting groceries, cash and stamps, they were back to normal.....What good is an automatic shipping machine if it goes offline???
 I just love my little gingerbread mouse....I can't wait to do the new Jingle mouse.....almost finished Lizzie*Kate's cute.  It's a little big for a pillow, but it might work on the tree.
This is Mary's heart that I stitched for her.  We are still deciding how to finish it...She's already seen it, so I can post without spoiling any surprise.  She's still holding back on her fob.   So it will show up later.  I also have another piece finished, but can't show it off yet!!!
Will chat more later, just a few more minutes of stitching, then it's off to bed.  I received my package from my sister, and just love how Lizzie*Kate's LOVE turned out.  That was her gift to me.  So I can show you that tomorrow!
Happy stitching everyone!  Kathy


  1. Everything is lovely and I absolutely love Mary's heart. Can you please tell me where I can find this pattern? I 'must' stitch it...

  2. Mary's heart is wonderful, I love it. Like Evalina I'd also like to know who the designer is..

  3. This was a very old chart from a magazine, and I didn't even have the dmc numbers so guessed what to use. Nothing on the page to give you a clue. So sorry.