Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dyeing white floss with ink....

This is just a quick pictorial of how I dye white floss...using my tile counter instead of my usual mat, I laid the floss down, and wet with some denatured alcohol. I would suggest that you open a window if possible to keep the fumes down. As you might guess I am using Ranger's distress inkers.  They are very concentrated and it just takes a few shakes here and there and then blend them together.
I like to use at least two different colors.  Or two blues, etc...Then I pat them down with my fingers.  You could use a inking tool to keep your hands cleaner...Rinse in hot water after you get the colors you like.  Repeat inking if you don't like what you see. 

 Or you can press them on a paper towel with a iron until dry.  Still be wary of them bleeding.  I would wash them at least another time.  I'll wind them on cardboard and add to my gift stash.


  1. Looks positively messy ~ which I am sure is why it looks so fun!! Beautiful colors!

    1. Yes, it is, but fun...I forgot to say the distress inks are alcohol based.

  2. Looks like a lovely idea, I'm not so sure I would be brave to try it...

  3. The result looks great. And these bobbins are fantastic.